AIGA Orlando Mentor: Lauren Waters

I recommend listening to DELIRIO DE GRANDEZA by ROSALÍA while viewing this project.
Meet your new favorite typeface, Pepe, a display font inspired by architecture, traditional printing processes, and the Golden Age of Cuban graphic design. Hearing my Mom and Grandparent’s accounts of their immigration from their hometown of Cinefuegos, Cuba to the United States, was always such an inspiring story. They brought their culture, experiences, and cafecito to a foreign country and that is something I’m so proud of today. While each account of migration to another country is so personal, it’s an experience that so many of us share and can connect over. 

My objective throughout my mentorship with AIGA Orlando was to explore that experience, broaden my perspective beyond my own, to see how these deeply personal stories can be quilted together. The result is a typeface that embodies the bold and unique themes, but also builds upon works from Cuban artists like Gladys Acosta Ávila and José Martí. Above all, this experience has truly taught me about the capabilities of typography, and how all creatives can utilize type beyond the literal interpretation of letterforms to communicate their stories.