Creative Director: Christian Wojciechowski
Associate Creative Director: Jacqui Garcia
Art Director: Jordan Stewart
Copywriter: Jack Polly
Animation: Kori Zamora

Graphis Advertising Annual 2023 - Silver, Advertising
Graphis Design Annual 2023 - Silver, Design

I recommend listening to 4:00A.M. by Taeko Ohnuki while viewing this project.
The independently owned, nationally celebrated Rosen Hotels & Resorts is an Orlando icon that aided in creating the magic that’s so integral to the city. This time around, the request was to name, brand, and launch a dining series aimed at driving locals to visit select headliners of five-star dining happenings across multiple Rosen properties. Four prominent outlets—an intimate Tuscan restaurant, an Everglades-inspired retreat, a high-end steakhouse, and a hibachi haunt—all had to be highlighted in the brand. The challenge was to create a distinct look that still created space to celebrate these restaurants. 
The result was Palate: A Rosen Dining Series, an initiative inspired by the holistic movement of a premium dining experience. Palate challenged Rosen’s notions of what a brand within their facilities can look like, connected the community that surrounds them, and created a yearlong busy season for their collection of hotels.